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In a world of mass produce,
you go the extra mile

If you're reading this,

then you'll want to know what we do and why we do it. Maybe you're keen to find out who we are to make sure you're not getting ripped off? Good idea.

Let's start with the heart of matter. 

We're on a mission to bring creative spaces high quality, one-of-a-kind furniture and decor that makes them stand out.

We create, source, revitalize pieces that move with you and only get better with time – from home to home, generation to generation, with minimal impact on the environment.

For us, that strictly means exceptionally crafted, built-to-last, and beautifully designed furnishings. 

Why are we doing all this?

In recent decades, the furniture industry has gone into a tailspin.

Furniture has lost taste and become “throwaway”. We keep buying more, only to shortly start frowning at it. And when you want to buy something high quality authentic, it typically costs an arm and a leg.

But instead of just complaining, we prefer to focus on what we do best. 

And what we can do is start the next creative spaces revolution. (... Okay, we're hardly that big. But it's a battle one has to fight for himself anyway.)

Here’s what we think furniture should stand for:


Beautiful, functional products that make your space stand out

We belive in products that solve problems. Ones you won’t get tired of and one that won’t let you down. Because we believe it’s better to have one excellent piece, instead of 5 not so great ones.


Beautiful, functional products that make your space stand out

In our New York studio and workshop, we hand-perfect each detail, each piece, working hand-to-hand with some of the best crafstmen in the world. We only use sturdy, sustainably-sourced, scratch-and-stain resistant, non-toxic materials.


Beautiful, functional products that make your space stand out

It's clear that more and more people want their purchases to have meaning. They want cleanliness and sustainability to be the norm. It's up to brands to live up to that standard. And we believe we should lead this example.

This is us:

Even though we most love spending time in the workshop, we also get

a fair share in front of our computers (but you don't need to see that).

Not just some average furniture Joes...

We're a team of designers, artisans, creators obsessed with awesome spaces. Our studio is where hard work happens. Our HQ is in Astoria, New York, but we attain local presense in all our workshops through Old Europe—France, Belgium, Bulgaria—and Asia.

This is how we ensure the impeccable quality you expect at every level.

This is what we do:

Import Antique Furniture from Provence, France

We bring the enchanting world of antique and vintage French furniture to life. Curated with passion and expertise, our collection is sourced exclusively from the captivating region of Provence, France. Each item is carefully selected for its exceptional quality, unique character, and timeless beauty. We hold a deep commitment to sustainability and prioritize the use of natural and organic materials, preserving the integrity of both the environment and the pieces we offer. With a team of skilled artisans, we restore these treasures to their original glory, honoring the craftsmanship that went into their creation.

Design and Create our very own Signature Collection

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our exclusive collection embodies ingenuity and functionality, empowering you to thrive in today's fast-paced world. Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed to elevate your space and extract the utmost from every day. With unmatched durability and timeless aesthetics, our collection stands the test of time. Whether you need to showcase daily promotions, organize tasks, or make a captivating statement, our collection offers perfect business solutions. Enjoy effortless installation and embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly materials.

But it doesn't end here...

As furniture experts, we understand the importance of catering to your needs and desires.

Rather than relying on guesswork, we proactively sought your input to enhance our service. We listened attentively to your preferences, acknowledging what you loved, despised, and desired in your space. This invaluable feedback has guided us in curating and creating products that align with your vision.

Next, we worked super hard to perfect every detail.

  • ... focusing on the right products
  • ... using only the right materials — attractive, comfortable and, above all, durable & sustainable. 
  • ... polishing the right way — so your products only get better with time. 
  • ... developing the right design.

    We develop our own patterns, then we bring out several series of prototypes to come up with a perfectly balanced design.

Discover a World of Possibilities

Create a Lasting Impression

At StandoutSpaces, we source and produce furniture that helps you reimaginine your space and transform it into a captivating environment that will leave a lasting impression. 

Elevate Your Business Space

Elevate your business space with sophisticated and functional solutions. Whether it's a café, office, or restaurant, our exclusive furniture and decor enhance your brand identity and showcase your uniqueness.

A Journey of Collaboration

Embracing the collaborative process, we cherish the opportunity to work with interior designers, architects, and discerning individuals to bring their visions to life.

Thank you for embarking on your creative journey with StandoutSpaces.

As purveyors of extraordinary design and unrivaled quality, we are committed to making your spaces truly remarkable. Together, let's create spaces that transcend generations, spark joy, and leave a legacy of remarkable design.