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17th Century Chinese Stone Top Incense Table From the Qing Dynasty

This table top has been around since the 1600s, this slab of hand-carved stone has a wonderfully earthy character in almost pristine condition considering the 380 years of existence .
The engraved message says: " Magistrate Zhang of Suzhou, Jiangxi Province monitored and built a gold brick around 73cm long made in Jiaqing 17th century (Jiaqing is an emperor from Qing dynasty), Made by Songnian Zhao "

Acquired from a collector with an exquisite eye toward the antique and unusual, the tabletop has an organic and sculptural presence that feels surprisingly contemporary, to play off its rustic minimalism, the stone top is paired with rustic looking wooden table with two drawers.

We have exactly the same table like this one that will be listed separately and as a pair, additionally we have another stone top table that is paired with a different wooden base (all 3 tables can be purchased together for anyone interested).

Dimensions: W 29.5" x D 29" x H 32.25" - the thickness of the stone slab measures 3.75"

Origin: Jiangxi Province in China