Interior designers and enthusiasts agree...

Antique furniture is simply better.. in every way!

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Antiques are better quality

Antique items are built to endure, crafted from solid natural materials like timber, metal, and textiles by skilled artists and artisans, imbuing them with character and soul.

Unlike modern, mass-produced pieces that are made using synthetic materials and chemicals, antique items possess a unique vitality, with hand-cut timber, forged nails, and woven fabrics.

Sadly, those traditional techniques and knowledge passed down through generations are slowly being lost and may never be revived.

2. They never go out of style

Antique furniture has a way of capturing the hearts of its owners. 

These timeless pieces often hold memories of past gatherings and events, and serve as a reminder of days gone by.

Despite changes in furniture styles over the years, antique pieces continue to increase in demand. Their rich history and enduring craftsmanship making them sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

3. They increase in value over time

The value of antique items does not diminish in the same way as modern pieces, which loses value quickly and significantly.

Unlike modern furniture, antique pieces appraises in value due to their craftsmanship and limited availability.

4. Antiques tell a story

Antiques narrate a story that's uniquely yours. They bear witness to your appreciation for authenticity and your inclination to surround yourself with truly remarkable objects. 

Moreover, antique items provide a gentle reminder of the passage of time. We're aware that they've existed in the lives of others before us, and they'll continue to exist for generations of those who come after us.

5. Antiques are sustainable

Antique furniture is a precious and valuable asset that has been passed down through generations, and its maintenance is crucial to preserve its beauty and heritage.

Unlike modern pieces which use the cheapest possible materials—often non-sustainable and toxic finishes—, antique pieces are built by hand and finished by hand. With friendly finishes that last.


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